Lycoming Opens Conference Play At Alvernia

The Lycoming College Warriors open Commonwealth Conference play at Alvernia tonight. The men’s basketball game is slated for 6 p.m. followed by the women’s game at 8 p.m. on Fox Sports 92.7 FM, 1050 AM and listen live stream 1.

WBP Receives Complaints About Inadequate Response to Coach and Student Locker Room Brawl

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WASD Supervisor of Pupil Transportation and School Safety/School Police Officer Jody Miller

By: Todd Bartley, Managing Member, FOX Sports Williamsport

The Williamsport Bureau of Police has received a pair of misconduct complaints in regard to Williamsport Area School District Student Resource Officer Jordan Stoltzfus and Supervisor of Pupil Transportation and School Safety/School Police Officer Jody Miller.

Miller is named in a three-page complaint related to a Williamsport High School locker room brawl on September 20 during a home football game against Crestwood.

Crestwood won the game 15-14.

At least two students were reportedly injured in a subsequent parking lot brawl.

It was announced on January 3 of this year Jody Miller would be joining the WASD as the Supervisor of Pupil Transportation and School Safety/School Police Officer at the Williamsport Area School District.

As outlined in the complaint against Miller, the victims allege a physical altercation with Jeremy Sennett, defensive line coach with (closed fist) punches being thrown.

According to the complaint, head (football) coach Chuck Crews escorted the victims to their vehicle which had sustained damage that was not previously there.

When contacted for this story, Crews declined comment on the incident and the actions of his assistant coach.

Fox Sports Williamsport independently confirmed with Lycoming County officials a 911 call was placed as a result of the locker room brawl and a law enforcement response was subsequently quashed by a radio call to the 911 call center by Miller stating he was already on scene with WAHS Head Principal Brandon Pardoe.

The 911 call center then called the adult male who placed the original call to relay that information a short time later.

The family went to WBP seeking answers on September 24 attempting to meet with Police Chief Damon Hagan.  Hagan was sworn in as Police Chief not long after his nomination and has been a strong advocate of community policing.

Hagan declined to comment for this story citing the WBP policy of not commenting on personnel matters.

While at the WBP, the family began giving their statement when Miller arrived and introduced himself. Miller noted he wasn’t aware of the incident then shared that he had seen a video of something in the locker room hallway.

At that point Miller invited the victim’s family to a meeting at Williamsport Area High School which occurred nearly an hour later in which Pardoe was present.

On the final page of the complaint, it reads as follows: “We explained the entire situation, as well as (redacted) gave his story with witness names. We were told an investigation was going to be done. Most of the dialogue came from Mr. Pardoe, with very little questioning or input from SRO Miller!”

The complaint goes onto to say the victims were “never contacted by SRO Miller to give us the results of the investigation.”

“The following Monday we had a meeting with Mr. Pardoe, coach Crews and Mr. McCann. Mr. Pardoe relayed to us the results of his investigation were that (redacted) was no longer on the football team and that he (Pardoe) spoke to players but he didn’t feel that he could speak to all of them that (redacted) listed because he felt they were ‘biased’. SRO Miller was not present at this meeting.”

The document concludes, “We feel the investigation was done by the principal and charges should be filed against (redacted).

September 20 Complaint (Redacted) WBP 9-20-19 Affidavit – Misconduct Complaint Form

A (redacted) named in the complaint was previously charged by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office as an adult with two counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault and other offenses in a stabbing incident in 2018.

Fox Sports Williamsport confirmed the stabbing case was moved to Juvenile Court where records are sealed.

Pardoe is no stranger to conducting investigations at WAHS as noted in the WASD Right to Know Law responses originally provided to Fox Sports Williamsport.

As previously reported Pardoe investigated allegations against the Williamsport baseball team following a team trip to Myrtle Beach in spring of 2018. A Williamsport baseball team trip Pardoe was on.

Miller was positioned to become the new WBP chief following the retirement of David Young in January, 2019. However, according to, Miller resigned the post before taking office after being named in several unfair labor practice complaints and two federal lawsuits.

The article states, after Miller was named Young’s potential successor in October 2018, a suit was filed by FOP lodge president, Lt. Steven Helm, alleging Helm was transferred in retaliation for union activity. A separate suit from Agent Fred L. Miller IV claims Chief Young, Captain Miller and Captain Donald Mayes have openly and repeatedly expressed hostility toward union activities. Fred Miller claims he was denied a lateral transfer to sergeant, his former rank, in retaliation for his union status.

The article also mentions other complaints leveled against then Captain Miller.

The complaint regarding Stoltzfus stems from an incident which occurred on March 22, 2018 where a student was assaulted in a WAHS classroom and thrown across several desks, breaking a few.

“SRO Stoltzfus was aware (redacted) had injuries as (redacted) was seen by the nurse and then later taken to the doctor,” according to the complaint.

SRO Stoltzfus ended up charging a student with a crime which was subsequently adjudicated by Magistrate Judge Christian Frey before being appealed to the Common Pleas level with the case reaching final disposition under Judge Marc Lovecchio.

March 2018 Complaint (Redacted) WBP 3-22-18 Affidavit – Misconduct Complaint Form


Zaysgiving Is Back

Happy Zaysgiving is back! This is year 2 for Alize Johnson, Neumann Regional Academy and Missouri State graduate who plays for the Indiana Pacers as he gives back to his community again this year for Thanksgiving.

Last year, with the help of his foundation Alize managed to help out over 100 families by providing a basket of food for thanksgiving to each family. This year, with the additional help of a few local businesses, the goal is now over 200 families.

Weis Markets donated 100 turkey to the cause this year. “The support of Weis Markets is a tremendous asset to this worthy cause and allows Zaysgiving to go to the next level,” according to FOX Sports Williamsport, General Manager Todd Bartley.

The strong support of the Henry Dunn Insurance Agency, PRN Home Health Services and Pepsi, this year will again be very special for those in need in Lycoming County.

Families chosen were contacted discreetly from the school districts and other personnel, if your family or a family you know could use some support this thanksgiving with one of these baskets; families or other businesses that would like to help out or donate baskets are encouraged to reach out to Chanelle Johnson or Jaron Bart Bartholomew.

Any questions or concerns please message the Alize Johnson Foundation page.

BREAKING NEWS: PA State Police Open Investigation Into WASD Handling of Myrtle Beach Baseball Incident

By: Todd Bartley, Managing Member, FOX Sports Williamsport

FOX Sports Williamsport has confirmed with multiple sources that the Pennsylvania State Police have opened an investigation into the handling of the Myrtle Beach Baseball incident by the Williamsport Area School District.

As exclusively reported by FOX Sports Williamsport, Head Williamsport High School Principal Brandon Pardoe and Willie Weber, current Chief Detective of Lycoming County handled the criminal and non-criminal investigations into an incident WASD Solicitor Fred Holland characterized in an exclusive report done by FOX Sports Williamsport, August 24, 2018; “Near the end of the school year, an incident involving indecent and inappropriate behavior on the part of a baseball player during the team’s (2018) spring trip.”

Weber directly reports to current and retiring Lycoming County District Attorney Ken Osokow.

Sources have also confirmed that the ongoing Pennsylvania State Police investigation is based on the published reports by FOX Sports Williamsport.

FOX Sports Williamsport also previously reported that local criminal defense attorney George Lepley was engaged in ongoing dialogue during the criminal and non-criminal investigations being conducted at the time by Pardoe and Weber. Lepley has also been a long standing coach in the West End Babe Ruth Baseball program where another allegation has been made about an incident during an overnight West End trip in the summer of 2018.

FOX Sports Williamsport has also begun an investigation into that allegation.

On June 4, 2018, WASD Solicitor Fred Holland submitted an invoice to the WASD for services rendered of 0.80 hours and noted a telephone conference occurred on May 31, 2018.

The telephone conference was referred to as “Investigation”, and included Head Williamsport High School Principal Brandon Pardoe (who was on the trip to Myrtle Beach), Local Criminal Defense Attorney George Lepley, who Fox Sports Williamsport has also confirmed was in Myrtle Beach for the Millionaires Baseball Team Trip and Holland who again referred to the call as “pending investigations”.

Holland submitted a second invoice on July 3, 2018 for a meeting that he attended on June 5, 2018 in regard to a VM (later identified by WASD as voicemail). The WASD has also stated that the voicemail record no longer exists.

Attending the June 5, 2018 meeting were Holland, Lepley and Pardoe and it lasted for 1.8 hours which is the billing total Holland submitted to the WASD.

South Carolina law enforcement retains jurisdiction of the incident in question that was captured on video and then shared on social media platforms.

Stay tuned to FOX Sports Williamsport and for developments in this Breaking News story.

Patriots At Ravens In Huge AFC Showdown

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Texans Face Jaguars In London

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PIAA District IV Football Scoreboard – 11/2/19


Southern Columbia 75 Towanda 0

Southern Columbia (11-0) advances, Towanda (3-8) season concludes

North Penn-Mansfield 17 Wellsboro 14

North Penn-Mansfield (5-6) advances, Wellsboro (9-2) season concludes

Troy 27 Line Mountain 14

Troy (10-1) advances, Line Mountain (3-8) season concludes

Mount Carmel (9-2) vs Bloomsburg (3-8) Mount Carmel won by forfeit

Sixers @ Trailblazers

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