March 16, 2020

On Friday, March 13, 2020, Governor Wolf issued a directive to close all schools in the
Commonwealth for 10 business days starting today, March 16, 2020. This means all school
activities including sports practices, plays, musicals, mock trial, field trips, etc.

The intent of this is to limit people gathering together to minimize the potential spread of the
coronavirus. We have been informed that some schools’ sport teams may be organizing captains’
practices or informal workouts offsite. It’s our position this is contrary to the intent of the
Governor’s order and these activities are not permitted.

To illustrate this intent, the Governor has ordered non-essential businesses to close in a 4 county
area and the Department of Community and Economic Development has recommended the
closing of community and recreational centers, gyms, spin facilities, golf courses and sporting
event venues across the Commonwealth. It very clear of the intentions of our state government,
so please assist them in preventing inappropriate off-site practices or workouts.

As we move forward, PIAA will continue to work with the Governor’s office, the Department of
Health and the Department of Education to provide updated information regarding spring sports
and any possible re-start of the winter championships.

This information may change on a day to day basis and some of the qualities that are fundamental lessons of interscholastic athletics are at play here: cooperation, patience, sacrifice, responsibility, respect and teamwork. We will provide more information as it becomes available to us.