Scott Snyder gone way too soon

How do you say goodbye to someone who you thought would be part of your life for many years to come?

That is what I will attempt to do after Scott Snyder (on left of photo) was called home to be on the Lord’s team this past Saturday. Apparently, Heaven was short on big hearted teddy bears who loved baseball and everyone that big hearted teddy bear came in contact with.

Scott Snyder and I met during the 2008 baseball season when he was an assistant coach at Loyalsock. He was always jovial and had an infectious smile on his face. However, that smile turned to a look of concern when he had to manage the team in a state playoff game in the place of Casey Waller. Scott knew, because he told me, he didn’t want to let anyone down, especially the players.

Those players made sure he had nothing to worry about by securing the win and sending Scott flying down the third base line on a magic carpet. That magic carpet ride would end in Altoona with a gold medal and state title; the first of several for the lancers program. Some of those very same players who are now 9 years removed from that wonderful season paid tribute to their coach today. For those that could not attend, they made sure his baseball family knew they were with them in spirit due to prior obligations.

Scott would move on from Loyalsock and enjoy becoming the head coach at Warrior Run. The seeds that were planted with the Defenders turned into District playoff runs in the past several years.

We had always been a phone call, text or Facebook message away from each other. Bumping into each other at this game or that; and Scott would always say to me “if you ever need anybody, let me know.”

One thing led to another over the past could of years and Scott and I did a few games together. Then he and Corey Twigg approached me about doing a baseball show focused on District IV. That was a no brainer for me and then he says we also have a place to host it, The Watson Inn.

Little did I know at the time; that a pair of old friends would turn a show in to a significant following as well as make even more great friends.

The D4 Dugout Show had evolved to include a new co-host this year as well as the games being called by Justin (JHawk) Hawkins as I focused on building the company. To see their relationship and on-air product grow was also very special. They connected the audience to everything that was going on during the game and all of the emotions of the moment.

Scott and I had recently talked about doing our Hometown Football Friday Night show before high school football games in the fall and he was already all-in. Now how do we fill the void?

As I went through the line earlier today to visit with the family, I was floored by what Scott’s mom and sister said to me, “he really enjoyed doing the radio and thanks for giving him the opportunity to do something he loved.” For those that know me, I am rarely at a loss for words. All I could get out was, “we loved having him on.”

Now that I’ve had time to think about it, the Good Lord who called him home Saturday gave Scott to our radio stations at the exact perfect time. His gift of baseball knowledge and his ability to relate to kids and really any person in any walk of life came through during every broadcast.

Scott Snyder, I say this with all of my heart, you left us way to soon my friend. You are that guy that everyone wants in the fox hole with them when times are rough, not to mention when they’re going well. However, there is a line from the film Gladiator, “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”, and my friend, the stories we will tell of you from now until we meet again will echo as a tribute to the man, mentor, friend, broadcaster, coach, brother, uncle, cousin and just all around good guy you were.

It is our intention to continue what Scott started with the D4 Dugout Show in his honor.

Know as you watch over us from that heavenly seat in Section 519 that we all can’t wait to see you again!